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Fourteen go in; Eleven come out!

The past year was another great one. We had fourteen members go up and that was after few had to drop out at the last minute. Three members ended up leaving due to college, a newborn baby, and obligations to the military. But luckily even they were able to participate through most of the weeks gaming. Bill, Scott, and Eric helped wrap up the Saga that started five years earlier when a few men had a dream of their youth.

Five years ago the game was started with a handful of characters. Those characters continued on into the years after and more hero’s (if we could call them that), joined them in the years to come. A world was created and formed through the hard work of the guild members. Yes we built our own world, history, pantheon, races, classes, cultures, and the like.

In that world we tromped, fought, bleed, laughed, and cried. We were hero's and villains,  crossing the line of good and bad actions for the greater good. For five years we had fun in that world and will always remember the stories. But here at Retro-CON 2015 we ended that story. It is possible that we will go back to those characters one day; though at the moment we are looking forward to Star Wars in 2016!

Retro-CON 2015

The Saga’s End!