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The P.V.G.G. has hosted a yearly gathering for seven years now. Though the first years were before the official forming of the Pioneer Valley Gaming Guild, it is still where we see our roots. It is a get away type vacation that lasts for five days. We end up carpooling up to Old Orchard Beach, Maine on a Sunday, and do not come back until the Saturday after. The guild rents one of two houses from an owner it has build a good relationship over the years. Off season makes these houses a great deal, and the distance to Maine makes the atmosphere of a true vacation.

During the vacation the schedule of events is simple:

8 a.m. - Breakfast

9 a.m. - Gaming

1 p.m. - Lunch

2 p.m. - Gaming

6 p.m. - Dinner

7 p.m. - Gaming

9 p.m. - Off Hours

*Off Hours often includes movie time (a member brings up a

projector and movie options), and board games.

 At Retro-CON you can expect to have days filled with table top role playing games. The first six years have been dedicated to the same story line, and in 2016 we traveled through the Star Wars universe. Next year we are going to break down the gaming into smaller sessions. It depends on if a game master wishes to plan a large game or many wish to play small games. In either way the days will be filled with good people, food, fun, and laughs to spare. We encourage you to come and try it out!

What does it take to come? Retro-CON comes at a current cost of $200.00. That money is used to rent the house that we stay in and buy all of the food necessary to feed you for the seven days; and we have never had anyone feel like there was too little food. The guild also has designed a Rum Punch Mix, that we put in a refurbished water cooler; naming it appropriately the Apothecary, the cure for all that ails you. The cost of using this is an additional $30.00, and most members have found it worth the extra cost. Guild members often bring up their own liquor to add to an open bar that is always available. That is the prime reason why our guild is for only those above the legal drinking age. We do have a number of members that do not drink, and feel no pressure to do so either.

Retro-CON 2017

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Old Orchard Beach, ME

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