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Pioneer Valley Gaming Guild

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Our Guild Officers


Vice President


Continuity Master


Scott C Labbe

Heir to a fortune in hairballs and unrelenting master of the Dim Mak. Mr. Labbe was the brainchild of the PVGG and the charismatic smooth head to the current regime.

PS. He once fired the current vice president years ago at an unrelated job for encroaching on his sex appeal. Remember to ask for the story.

Luis Aponte

Can a man be so appealing, always there with glistening swarthy skin and bulging... Musculs? Why yes he can says an Irish man I know. Mr. Aponte won the hearts of many women to gain second in command of the guild. He is a tireless task master willing to put others to work regardless of how much he tires watching movies all day.

William “Billy” Robitaille

The guilds supreme Mimir! All hail Pappa Bill the elder! The second brainchild of the PVGG and overall gaming legend. Playing Chainmail the progenitor to Dungeons and Dragons before its official release into North America. Mr. Robitaille has done it all, seen it all, played it all, killed it all, and spat it out to be remolded. Question not our elder or you might end up next on the list!

Eric M Baker

The guilds library enthusiast, historian, and famous drinker. Known for rolls such as the loveable and playful feychild (think kender) Kariloo Tinkitat. Expected to bring joy to the hearts of the guild for many generations to come... With Star Wars looming in Retro-CON 2016 we can only wonder at what is to come from him. Provided he doesn’t drown you when he spills his drink... Again!



Thomas J Regan

I pick things up and put them down....