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Do you remember when you were fifteen years old? You could’t wait for Saturday to finally arrive. You’d show up at your friends house with a couple of snacks and a six pack of Dr. Pepper. Taking your lucky seat in their basement around that old catering table. How about dropping that Crown Royal bag your dad gave you on the table, and hearing the dice roll inside it? I bet you had a Trapper Keeper filled with characters, not for the school work you should had kept in it?

Aww you can see it so well now. You are sitting in the basement chatting with your pals, waiting for the last person to show so you could start. You know that guy right, the one who was always late, but you forgave him because he brought the Funyuns? From that point on nothing else mattered in the real world. Nothing could be better then that moment.


You are now older, much older. The kids are grown and out of school, maybe they have even moved out of the house by now. The wife is at work and the Honey Do list is completed. The laughter and the sound of dice has long since faded. While plopping down on the couch channel surfing, you think back to the time when chips, soda, dice, and great friends were only eclipsed by the need for a pencil sharpener. You smile and wonder where the time has gone.

It is now time to embrace your inner Geek once again! Join like minded middle aged people who long for the thrill of a critical hit or the stigma of a fumble. Let go of the years and embrace the freedom of role playing something that you wish you were, doing things that would be impossible to the normal person.


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