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Welcome Gamers and Geeks!

The Pioneer Valley Gaming Guild is a social guild bringing together like minded middle aged (we accept all above 21) gamers to enjoy role playing and table top games. The group was founded on the idea of a yearly week to get away and game like when we were kids; later, this vacation time was named Retro-CON. Since then the guild meets every other month and many of its members game together weekly.

Guild members are very active in the gaming community throughout the Pioneer Valley (the portion of Massachusetts that is along the Connecticut River Valley). While founded in the Pioneer Valley, with members from Greenfield to Longmeadow, some of our members are now from New Hampshire and we accept anyone who wants to join; both far and near. If you wish to join us, even if it is just to come to our yearly vacation Retro-CON, please feel free to contact us!


PVGG Meetings

Retro-CON 2018

In February



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Our next guild meeting!

Meeting: October 14th


It is time to game friends!


Meeting: December 9th

APRIL 5 - 8, 2018